Aakriti Adhikari is an undergraduate, third-year student studying at Soka University of America, California, United States. She is majoring in liberal arts with a concentration in International Studies. Since her classes transitioned into an online system, she is currently in Kathmandu. Aakriti is passionate to learn more about global affairs, women’s studies, gender equality. Her interest in Model United Nations has led her to participate and organize many conferences. She has participated in numerous sessions, training that discusses feminism, patriarchy; she advocates for gender equality. Aakriti loves reading books, and her favorite is Harry Potter. She loves dancing and is a part of the dancing club (Ghungroo) at her college. Currently, Aakriti is doing her internship at the Nepal Institute of International Cooperation and Engagement (NIICE Nepal). Also, she is working as a ‘researcher’ intern at She the Pwr.
I currently live in Kabul, Afghanistan. I have done my undergraduates in business management from Karwan University and  a diploma in sustainability and built environment from Anant University. I have worked with different organizations in Afghanistan such as the World Bank, USAID and currently I am a co-founder of a non profit organization, where we implement social entrepreneurship projects in Afghanistan.
I am from Kathmandu, Nepal. I am a biology student, working as a COVID19 response volunteer teacher in a public school. There is a huge gap between the former and modern way of education in Nepal, I see myself bridging the gap and giving new dimensions to the Nepali way of learning through this fellowship. I have previously worked with British Council, as a team leader of a project we called “Let’s not sell cigarettes to minors.”
I am doing BSc in Biotechnology from the University of Veterinary and Animal Sciences, Lahore. I have a keen interest in human characters and how they fashion a society. I am also fond of travelling and photography. In the future, I intend to pursue research in genetics.
I’d describe myself as a girl who has goals and works hard to accomplish them. And one of my goals is to reduce/eliminate(ideally) the level of violence perpetrated towards my gender. I have completed my Advanced Levels from St. Patrick High School Karachi in Commerce, and then enrolled at IBA in BSc Accounting and Finance. Upon graduation (June-2018), I cleared my CFA Level One exam and joined Meezan Bank Limited as a Relationship Associate (Feb-2019). Currently, I am a fellow at Amal Academy and embarking on a journey of self-discovering my lifelong passions.
He is an emerging youth peace activist, advocate and peace researcher from Colombo, Sri Lanka. Prabashwara has completed his Bachelors of Arts degree in Conflict Resolution and Peace at the Department of International Relations, University of Colombo with Second Class: Upper Division Honours. He has represented Sri Lanka in several international workshops and conferences and holds a variety of portfolios in national and international youth-led Peacebuilding organizations.
I am 22 years old and I am based in New Delhi. Currently I am working as a Young Professional with Indian Agricultural Research Institute, Ministry of Agricultural, Government of India. I am a Post Graduate in Human Rights and a Graduate in Political Science. I think I am very passionate about Human Rights especially Refugee Rights, Rights of the Child, Gender and Conflict Resolution/Peace Building. I am looking forward to working on the issues of Human Rights, as an individual or with Human Rights based organisations.
I am from Herat, Afghanistan I’ve Bachelor degree in faculty of law and humanities, studied women leadership development and professional management, as well as I am a leader, country representative, country coordinator, trainer, peace builder, youth and women right activist. I am also a MUNer, debater, SDG advocator, an international volunteer, global shaper and M&E, with more than four years’ professional experiences in capacity building and civic projects and more than four years of volunteering experiences indifferent capacities with national and international NGOs such as in USAID and UN projects.
I come from a middle-class Muslim family in New Delhi, India. Since I was born and raised here, I am a native Hindi and Urdu speaker. Besides, I am pretty good with English and know the basics of Punjabi and Spanish. I have got my Bachelor’s in 2017 from the University of Delhi, majoring in Geography. My Master’s, on the other hand, is from Jamia Millia Islamia in Human Rights and Duties Education in 2020. Plus, I have also completed a certificate course in the Spanish language.
I am from Pakistan. I am currently Freelancing in Digital Marketing. I was born and raised in different areas of Pakistan due to the nature of my father’s profession; we often had to move into different cities. Being brought up in such an atmosphere, I was taught early to deal with the change and diversity in life. I completed my early education from various schools. I completed my early education from PAEC Inter Science and from Army Public School Multan. I completed my Matriculation from Crescent Bahria and Intermediate from KIPS College. I have been given various awards throughout my life. I am honored to have the best swimmer award from Army Public School Multan in 2018. I am also a district level champion in Badminton in 2019 which was organized by District Sports Department Multan. I have also participated in the National Finance Literacy Program for Youth by National Bank of Pakistan. I was also an organizing member of Umeed-e-Sahar. I have been Director IT for MAPSMUN (Model Army Public School Model United Nation). I am an active member of two charity organizations known as Umeed Foundation and Help for Human Organization. I have keen interest in Industrial Psychology, I did a course in Social Psychology from Wesleyan University offered through Coursera. The combination of both Business Marketing and Psychology have an amazing impact.
Prajwal has been engaged in various programs as coordinator and involved in several organizations. On Behalf of leading positions, he has been involved national and international wide to talk about the role of youth in nation-building and youth leadership, inspiration, start-ups along social entrepreneurship. He started his career in academic activism as a project coordinator and worked with various professionals and new aspirants to provide a platform for creativity. Being a Socio – Academic activist, he does advocacy for having good quality education by putting these remarkable innovations and creating a mindset in terms of technology, where he could provide and share ideas and techniques for creating great youth leaders for tomorrow. He also works for gender equality, educational equity, and youth empowerment for positive change as development. His potential, skills, and experience make him deserving of the platform.
Prakriti is an undergraduate student of microbiology at Tribhuvan University, Nepal. She is also a member of Media Lab Nepal and an intern at Kathmandu Research Institute for Biological Sciences. Besides her scientific experiences, she believes in communicating and democratizing science. She is working as a project lead of Open Life Sciences’ Project- GyaNamuna to educate rural students of Nepal through digital education system and frugal innovation approach. She has a dream to engage many girls from rural part of Nepal in biological research and development
I am an 18-year-old entrepreneur and climate activist. I am the Founder and CEO of TechShoi E-commerce Site. TechShoi stands to save our mother earth by introducing a proper consumption cycle to the consumers via sustainable, recyclable, and reusable products and help to sustain the public health, biodiversity and our Ecosystem. Currently, overseeing the company’s innovation planning and strategy and mentoring the interns under TechShoi Innovation lab, Business communication and pitching to the investors .And also the Founder and Project Director of Vision Green South Asia, a Climate Literacy Non-Profit Organization which works on Storytelling for sustainability. Aiming to mitigate the threats of climate change through creating a proper consumption cycle and endorsing sustainable and renewable energy solutions on the daily lifestyle of people on the earth. My life motto is – “Instead of thinking about what the world has given us, let’s think about what we have given to the world”. I am a young change-maker at BRAC ( world’s largest Non-government Organization ) Youth Platform.I am also a change maker and Action Developer at Kids Rights Foundation’s changemaker program. Additionally, he is a young researcher. I have Exhibited my research paper on Plastic Pollution and its harmful effects at Children Science Congress Bangladesh 2020. I am a research oriented and analytical person.
24 years old, graduate in English Linguistics, young and motivated individual. For a period of 5 years, Mr.Siddiqui has been working and volunteering for the promotion of SDGs in Hyderabad, Pakistan. Mr. Siddiqui has also Served United Nations Volunteers for 2 Years. He has great command over the concept of governance, peace, democracy, SDGs and climate Action, which he uses in his professional work too. Moreover, for his outstanding services in the field of Climate action (SDG 13) he has been awarded several national as well as International Awards in London UK. Currently Mr. Taimoor Is leading a Social Action Project by the name of “Keep Clean Keep Green and The awakening of Dream Under “COP26 Challenge Fund” by British Council UK. He is humanist by approach and activist by profession.
I am a recent environment science undergraduate student from Padma Kanya School,TU. I am 23 years old, born and raised in Kathmandu, the capital of the country Nepal. I am a quick learner, hard worker, dreamer and a good leader. I have been participating in different seminars and have volunteered as a team leader. I’ve always been passionate about youth participation and the revolution they can cultivate.
I am a Project Associate with UNDP Afghanistan for “Supporting the Economic Empowerment of Afghan Women through Education and Training in Kazakhstan/Uzbekistan”. I have completed my BA in Agricultural Economics and MBA in Supply Chain Management. Most of my experience is in the field of Gender and M&E.
I am a dedicated young man with the motivation to excel in different skills by developing and learning new ones. I may have not years of experience but within 3 years in NUST, I have acquired a great deal of knowledge in the fields of electrical, Mechanical, and Computer Engineering at the same time. I chose to become a Mechatronics Engineer so that one day I will be able to develop something of more advanced technology in the field of medical or something for the betterment of mankind and play my part for the contribution of society. I remain busy doing course projects related work most of the time but that does not mean I ignore my personal life or skip my workout for it. I am a very good sportsman, which I realized after entering the university. Being good at Badminton, Tennis, Table Tennis, and swimming I had participated in many tournaments held inside the campus. Besides that, I have also contested in the Debates competition in school and managed events in the university. All these things helped me boost my personality and a boon to act more confidently. While in 3 years, I have done many different projects. Some of them were easy, some were difficult but I enjoyed doing every one of them. Some of the major projects we have done includes, modelling of a projectile on visual python, app for Blood Donation, building an indigenous robot and code it to follow a certain path, color sorter, tremor acquisition Wrist Band. Currently, we are working on our FYP which includes path tracking and localization of a robot in grape fields. It applies an algorithm based on teaching and training with the extra help of comparing images as well as utilizing odometry. I hope I will be able to develop something unique in the future
Growing up in the green city of Calcutta, I have always had a special bond with the greenery around me. It always felt more like home than the concrete jungles we are starting to live in now. Over time, I realized that the concrete jungle is taking over the greenery available, and hence decided to dedicate my life towards saving what feels like home. As a law student, I am interested in environmental laws, especially what is not working, to bring about changes favorable for sustainable growth instead of just financial growth at the planet’s cost.
I am working as a student of the Department of Fisheries of University of Chittagong. I like to acknowledge things as this gives me immense pleasure. Also I love reading and writing. I like to discover information about anything, whatever pops into my mind I search in google immediately. As being a student, I really love to research and in future I would like to introduce myself as a researcher. Besides, I am fond of crafting, whenever I want to relieve my stress I start crafting. Recently I have started learning karate. Maybe someday I would hold black belt though now I am in beginner level. Besides I am also fond of watching movies and tv series. This lockdown gave me the opportunity to watch more and more of these. I am a great fan of Benedict Cumberbatch and love his series “Sherlock”. Our family has pet cat named Piku
Currently I am studying in Bangladesh University of Professionals in the Department of Environmental Science 2nd year. My hobby is to play video games. I have a passion for the environment & it’s betterment. So I have been working in an organisation named Eco-network which works for the environment. Now I’m acting as the Head of technicals there.
I am a young social entrepreneur, human rights activist & The Asian Pacific Resource & Research Centre for Women( ARROW)- Change makers Seed Fund Grantee. I have been working in the areas of Sexual Reproductive Health and Rights(SRHR) ,Comprehensive Sexuality Education(CSE)& Gender equality since 2017. I am working as Secretary General in the Proud Pakistanis Foundation. I am a trainer of Comprehensive Sexuality Education( CSE), serving as a Secretary Youth Engagement Programs in the ministry of Environment Protection Department, Punjab. I have done a major research on Barriers faced by transgenders in their Socio economic development. I performed many street theatres on Comprehensive Sexuality Education(CSE)/Life Skills based Education(LSBE) to sensitise young people to deal with SRHR challenges and to make informed Decisions.

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